Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alfred Brendel - Good Bye

Some months back I mentioned on this blog his retirement. The mainstream media now has some stories up on his final tour.

Loved as he is, it's hard to argue with this kind of clear headed reasoning:
"When asked why he's chosen this year to stop playing publicly, he answers, "Because I am in good shape and I don't want to stop when it's too late," then adds a touch of black humor: "I feel like I should not wait until I disintegrate." Turning more reflective, he adds a final thought: "And I feel that 60 years was . . . sufficient."
Read the rest here. He'll be missed.

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Anonymous said...

unforgettable Brendel.

Anonymous said...

He was just here in Boston on our humble little series. From a backstage vantage point (not that I'm bragging, I missed hearing the recital properly), I was surprised at two things:

1. How matter of fact he was about his entire "final" recital here and its implications, and

2. How genuinely happy he seemed to mingle with his fans and share some laughs.

Maybe I expected more, or even some, brooding.

He remembered his first Boston recital more than 40 years ago, he said, especially because it was snowing and he had to help push the car.

Jack Wright