Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are the Mozart Maulers Heading to the Silver Screen

Inquiring minds want to know. Mozart Maulers? I'll explain.

It's a rugby league of conservatory students. And it's the title of jazz pianist Dorian Mode's memoir:

" The Mozart Maulers is a comic memoir based on Dorian's experiences as a student at the Conservatorium of Music.

At the time he was seeing a psychiatrist who encouraged him to externalize his anger and use an alternative to drug therapy: Rugby League. Unable to convince any team to take him on, he formed his own team with other music students at the Con called The Mozart Maulers. They took on Sydney Uni and surprised everyone.

His screenplay of the story was recently green lighted to be made into a $10 million film

Details are here.

More importantly, I highly recommend giving his CD "A Café in Venice" a listen.

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