Thursday, November 24, 2005

After the Turkey Feast

If you're still tempted to come anywhere near a computer today, you might want to visit this site and download the video.


Described as a musical allegory of the application of continuum mechanics to structural geology and tectonics.

Or more engagingly put: "The drama is set in 1717, a year when both Handel and Newton lived in London and is based on the premise that Handel has lost his compositional ability by neglecting note duration (kinematics), note intensity (dynamics), and tonal relations (constitutive laws). A mysterious storm blows Hopkins from the future and Hooke from the past to join Newton in Handel's studio. Using the analogy between music and mechanics, they help Handel regain his muse, and conclude that only by virtue of a complete suite of relationships will either discipline produce pleasing results."

Hey, Hey, Hey.

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