Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Music of Two Houses

And speaking of nice things in the NYT. There is this article on Mozart's birthplace:

"EVERY year, more than half a million people fight their way through small streets to visit Mozart's birthplace on the third floor of a medieval town house in the Getreidegasse. It is the place to go, even if you are really here only for the "Sound of Music" tour." Read the Rest Here

This nicely bookends an article on the birthplace (and career) of Franz Liszt:

"The house in which Liszt was born in October 1811 stands in the town of Raiding (Doborján in Hungarian) in what is now Austrian Burgenland. The house is now a museum - you will find it at 42 Lisztstrasse, Raiding, not far from Sopron. " Read the rest here.

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