Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Christopher O'Riley and Radiohead

Readers know I'm a fan of Christopher O'Riley. So it was with great interest that I read this interview. Some interesting bits:

AP: Was classical music always what you were going to do?

O'Riley: Oh yeah, always. Realizing I was never going to be a popular kid playing Bach and Mozart, I did start a rock band when I was in sixth grade. ... After that I had a fusion band for a while, and we did a lot of original material. Some of it was pretty lame but a lot of it was good stuff. My family moved to Pittsburgh and I ended up playing professionally at a jazz club toward the end of high school. So when I went to the New England Conservatory, it was as a classical musician, but also with an ear toward continuing that, and then I decided cold turkey to continue with classical music.

AP: What's your take on the controversy over the Internet's role in the music industry?

O'Riley: I'm on a Radiohead fan site constantly, They'll say, I feel so guilty, I'm downloading your record right now. I'll say, well, the people who are objecting to downloading are the people who are putting two decent tracks on a record, and are afraid that the shit's gonna stink when people hear the whole thing. I'm not worried that people are going to hear my record and not want to buy it. You know, I own every single Radiohead ever did, and it's not for lack of having downloaded all of them at various times in various forms.

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