Saturday, December 20, 2008

video friday: get your gould on

almost sexy.


Unknown said...

Mr. Collins,
I have only just today discovered your site and I am having THE MOST MARVELLOUS TIME. Perhaps you can tell me why it is that I CANNOT stop listening to Gould's 1968 release of Bach Praeludium no.4 C-sharp minor BMV 873...from WTC Book II, Preludes & Fugues 1-8...Go to it and listen, it's beyond belief - simply beyond belief.
All the best for 2009, your site is JUST GRAND!!!
Mary Jensen/la Suisse/Europe

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Mary, Thanks for the compliment and I'm pleased you've enjoyed your visit to my little blog. I couldn't begin to explain the magic that is Glenn Gould's Bach.

All the best for 2009!!