Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hatto Undone

Hatto's husband fesses up to the fraud.

"“Although she kept up a rigorous practice regime, Barrington-Coupe says that Hatto was suffering more than she admitted, even to herself,” Mr. Inverne wrote. “Recording session after recording session was marred by her many grunts of pain as she played, and her husband was at a loss to know how to cover the problem passages.”

It was then that Mr. Barrington-Coupe began inserting small patches from other recordings to cover his wife’s grunts, Mr. Inverne said. Subsequently, he used longer passages and discovered how to stretch the time of the original recordings digitally to disguise their origin. “However, he maintains that his wife knew nothing of the deception,” Mr. Inverne added."

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I felt and continue to feel nothing but sadness about the whole matter.

As noted in a reader's comment over on Jessica Duchen's great blog , the Pristine Audio website (your must click stop for Hatto info) has a link near the top of the page under a banner
"FULL-LENGTH SAMPLER - FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD ". Download it. Now. It provides a download to a zip file containing some truly amazing restorations/re-masterings of real treasures.

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