Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not So Easy Listening

I think violist Miles Hofman has got it just about right.

"Still, I'd much prefer our classical music marketers aim high, rather than low, especially because low targets tend to get lower and the slope toward outright pandering — "Mozart Babes" anyone? — is very slippery. And I admit that I find more value in celebrating the power of great music to elevate, rather than anesthetize, the human spirit."

and there's this to ponder

"And speaking of why people listen to music, did you know that when "classical" public radio stations survey their audiences, the most common answer to the question "why do you listen to classical music" is "because it's soothing"?"

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Anonymous said...

Well, well. I guess you are right.

Can I ask you a favor? What would you classify my music as? I have just released a CD called 'Breakfast with Chopin' and it is sort of a tribute of mine to classical music I have played and loved since I was a child. But, the true classicists are not amused. Regular people, though..

Anyway, let me know what you think - I would be very curious:-)

best wishes,


Unknown said...

This was interesting as I worked in Classical Radio for 8 years--3 of those years in Management. We succeeded not only in saving the station from 5 hostile takeovers, but we hired Don Buchwald, Howard Stern's agent to voice 400 positioning statements and kept the Integrity intact, while demystifying Classical music for everyone. It was quite a balancing act. But we made it. HAPPY 2007!

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Michael, Good to hear from you and best wishes for the new year!

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Elizaveta, Thanks for sharing the music. I very much enjoyed listening to your music.
This kind of classically inspired music making is altogether different from what the author of op-ed cited in my post is talking about. I look forward to hearing more.