Saturday, April 01, 2006


Here's something you don't read everyday in a music review:

"I have never been in the same building with a more powerful and masterful musician on any instrument in any genre. Ever. And, on a personal front, Mr. Atamian is what some people would call ... well ... some might say rather, under certain circumstances, at least on the surface ... a rehearsal Dickran was grimacing and rolling his eyes at the orchestra, apparently unhappy with the piano, the conductor, and whatever else - maybe even the orchestra. We thought, is this guy a jerk?."

Living out of a suitcase might make one a little cranky. Then again it seems Atamian has been cranky for quite awhile: "
When I was young my managers always said 'Richie, don't complain about the hotel. Richie, don't whine about the piano. Now Richie doesn't care any more."

Whatever else you might say, he is definitely, refreshingly, honest.

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And, to be honest, every area of human endeavor has it's share of jerks. BTW, "epicurean lifestyle boutique" rates a good chuckle or two.


Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune to have to share a house one summer at Oberlin when Ritchie Atamian was attempting to practice for 7 hrs a day. I spent the summer in a pit orchestra so to come home & have to listen to him bang away was stressful to say the least. RA found the needs of other humans a damn inconvenience. Somehow sounds like he hasn't changed much in the last 30 yrs....

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity about ten years ago to spend some time with Atamian in Michigan. I found him honest and truthful. He says things how they are. The way I see it, he was correct most of the time. He also was not judgemental. He cares about others and gives time to help them often.