Saturday, December 10, 2005

Old Computers Making New Music

Music from old video games are making a come-back of sorts. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. Read all about here. Choice quote: "When I was in junior high, I'd wake up in the morning, turn on my Commodore and load up the game with my favorite music on it so I could get dressed, instead of turning on the radio.". I hadn't thought about the Commodore in years. :)

UPDATE: Thinking about the good old days, reminds me to point readers to the
The 1982 Atari Club Christmas Catalog. Step away from the Xbox and remember when. It's all right here.


M. C- said...

but did you run a bbs on your c-64 with a 300-baud modem and a cassette drive? 8-)

Your SysOp,
M. C-

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Yikes!Talk about kickin' it old skool.