Saturday, September 09, 2006

Leeds Piano Competition Note

Good news for Italians with high-cheek bones. Jessica Duchen has a post today on her blog about the Leeds.

"Italians have quite a history of doing well in this contest (especially ones with high cheekbones, for some reason) and there are even two British candidates for patriotic pianophiles to cheer on if so inclined."

More exciting that that is news she's at work on a novel centered about a young pianist's life.

Maybe this is the year Brits get lucky at Leeds?

Read it all here.


Anonymous said...


I saw the results of the first stage, and as always in Leeds, I got disappointed to see some of excellent pianists eliminated from the first round!

Anirol said...

At the Leeds Competition 2009 it is the same situation: fantastic pianists are eliminated from the first round. Why? First answer could be that the members of the jury protect their students eliminating "dangerous" participants (it is not normal to be in the jury and to have students participating.)
Second answer could be that the members of the jury have no musical criterium.
The result is very sad because this way the great competitions like in Leeds lose reputation.

Anonymous said...

You are right Anirol! Tell me, who is your favourite pianist, from those who were eliminated? I liked only ONE person from this competition, but unfortunately she was eliminated.

Anirol said...

Alina BERCU was my favourite in Leeds 2009

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alina was the champion of this competition! A golden pianist, like Horowitz. She was to good for them! Absolutely my favourite pianist and I am happy to find also other people who appreciate her value!

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you guys. I really liked Matei Varga, he is an EXCELLENT pianist, you can hear him playing Bach's Italian Concerto in the Leeds Competition website. And he was eliminated in the 1st round as well, I was shocked!
The Leeds competition is not the same from the past where winners were Radu Lupu, Perahia, or Pizarro... Best wishes to all of you