Thursday, September 21, 2006

Iturbi Competition - Semi Finals

The Jose Iturbi International Piano Competition has announced the semi-finalists.

Yukiko Akagi (Japan),
Patrick Hemmerle (France)
Valentina Igoshina (Russia)
Philipp Kopachevsky (Rusisa)
Natalia Kuchaeva (Russia)
Sofía Melikyan (Armenia), Yukako Morikawa (Japan)
Andrey Yaroshinskiy (Russia).

Claudio Carbó ( Spain, follow link for an audio clip interview)
José de Solau Soto (Spain)
Miguel Angel Castro (Spain)
Antonio Ortiz (Spain)

Read the rest. Good luck to all !

Russians and Spanish have been reportedly turning in strong performances. In fact, discussion of the competition can even be found on a Russian classical music forum (thank you to a WTB reader for the tip). You find it here. (Russian/English)

Inteview withe Jury President is here. (Spanish).

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