Friday, September 01, 2006

Antonio Iturrioz and the Art of the Left Hand

Pianist Antonio Iturrioz has released a documentary (on DVD) exploring in performance and commentary piano works written for the left hand alone.

"Although he recalls having "a weird sensation in my hand," it wasn't until Iturrioz was accepted to the preliminaries of the 1977 Van Cliburn Piano Competition in Fort Worth that the truth became apparent. He had damaged the cartilage and would have to undergo years of physical therapy.
It took about three or four years but my solace was I became a left hand musician," he said, "and even though I recuperated I still feel a deep affection for this music and I continue to play it."

Read the rest here.

Better yet! Check out the website for the DVD. The site includes video clips of some of the exciting performances found on the DVD. Find it here:

The Art of the Left Hand

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