Friday, September 22, 2006

blogosphere report

The Friday edition.

Alex Ross is replaying of some his old NYT reviews of "significant" premiers on his blog. Link.

Celebrity Series Blog points the way to a marvelous new dance site. If dance isn't your cup of tea, stop by the blog for the latest on building your own robot. You find it right here.

Jim Palermo at the must-click ChicagoClassical Music Blog has discovered a new mp3 player made with classical music lovers in mind. Wake-up and smell the blogging. Link

Christopher Foley of "The Collaborative Piano Blog" announces a new email address and discovery of the ultimate what might be the ultimate classical music quiz. find it all here.

You can download (in mp3 format) a sweet selection of Patchen poems set to music courtesy of composer/pianist/blogger Adam Baratz who makes these available on his website. Check 'em out here.

Speaking of composers, FullerMusic has a fine post on the inky life Brahms, Chopin, and Beethoven. Picture tells a thousand words, eh? Link

And by way of "My Other Life" you can discover the secret ingredient to sight-reading. Successful sight reading. Link.

Do bloggers drive other bloggers a little nutty? That's a possibilty raised in a post at Oboeinsight, one that makes you sit back and go hmmmmm. Find it and more here.

A story. A post. A link. La Boîte à Joujoux by Debussy is the focus of a splendid post at RetroKlang, a post with links to a remarkable site dedicated to visual story telling. check it out! Link.

At "Of Music and Men" a violinist gets it spot on with regards to business of metronomes and the inner pulse vital to what makes music, uh, well music. the money quote: "In many ways, music was better off before this device, as mankind was before becoming dependent on accurate watches. " Read it all here.

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