Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Speaking of Games: Playing the Harpsichord with Your Wii

Yes, you read that right.

Read all about it right here (and see a video demo).

Now.. What if you combined it with the piano gloves?


Anonymous said...

I won't be camping outside the store for the 20th October North American release but I am excited.

Guitar Hero was a hoot. How could rockin' the harpsichord be any less fun?

I wonder if the French horn is an instrument choice.....hmmmm....I guess there is only one way to find out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny! That would drive me nuts without any actual keys under my hands. I've often thought however, wondering if they'll ever come up with a realistic "conducting game" like that. You could actually have your score on a real music stand, select your piece from within the menu, and see your orchestra onscreen, and hear them through your sound system. Now, would that be cool or what!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! I can't imagine such innovation can excite me.

Karrajo said...

(escribo en castellano porque visto tus enlaces creo que lo entiendes)

Lo de los juegos de música es algo que me encanta, creo que además puede servir para aprender mucho, o incluso descubrir otras formas de componer. En mi blog voy poniendo todos los que me encuentro por ahí, y aún quedan miles.

Un saludo