Monday, September 08, 2008


A fine write-up of Hélène Grimaud appears in the online edition of the UK's "Independent".

Wolves, she says, have become her extended family, "which for someone with misanthropic tendencies like me has been very helpful. But it's a privilege to relate to an animal like that, and there's something very musical in it – you need the same quality of concentration. In both cases you're trying to interact with a being which is completely other." Does she look into their eyes? "Not always – with a wolf that can be a serious faux pas – you must let them initiate contact. Every action has to denote respect, with nothing overly familiar, no breach of etiquette. And it's the same with a piece of music. You have to be 100 per cent into the exchange, somewhere between contemplation and meditation."

between contemplation and meditation. I like that. It's exactly what I not just in her playing, but that of all the pianists I admire.

Read it all here.

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