Monday, September 08, 2008

Evenings with Martha

Candy for the DVD. Martha Argerich.

Before the final fade into the frumpy side of greatness, a little magic.

"The French title for this 2002 film, "Conversation Nocturne," is more evocative of the prize-winning documentary's poetic quality. Director Georges Gachot centered the hour-long portrait on an informal, night-owl cafe talk with Martha Argerich -- a living legend, if there are any left in classical music. He doesn't ask probing questions of this most enigmatic and media-shy of major musicians, and there is no outside commentary. But, switching from French to English and back, the pianist alights on key topics, dissecting herself bemusedly. With Gachot having gained the trust of a friend, the camera reveals her bohemian incandescence. Argerich flirts naturally with the lens, as beautiful women can."


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