Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Match Made in Heaven: Classical Music and Heavy Metals Fans

This really can't be right! I loathe heavy metal. According to a new study fans of classical music and heavy metal share identical personality traits.

""I was struck by how similar fans of heavy metal and classical music really are," he said. "Apart from the age differences, they were virtually identical. Both were more creative than other people, both were not terribly outgoing and they were also quite at ease." He speculated that both types of music have a sense of theatricality about them which may appeal to similar types of people."

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amateur ear said...

No. No,no.

Monir Sider said...

There is a centuries-old method for teaching young musicians to compose classical music. In fact, many great composers have had exactly the same type of exercises and methods of composition that is taught now. It was like an erosion of these principles, most notably in universities, but many music schools and conservatories still preserve the ancient traditions.