Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sometimes you listen, Sometimes you'd rather play

At least that's my experience. Curiously, I'd much rather play Bach than listen to Bach. I experience this also with Schumann's music. I don't know why. In contrast, I'd much rather listen to Liszt than play Liszt. Same for Debussy.

Anyone else have this curious condition?


emejota said...

Disculpas por no ser capaz de expresarme en inglés.

A mí me ocurre lo mismo, Bart, exactamente lo mismo. En todo caso haría la excepción con Bach, en el sentido de que al escucharlo también necesito materializarlo fisicamente de alguna manera, como "tocando" en el aire un teclado imaginario o trazando en el aire el dibujo de la polifonía.

Un saludo cordial (y disculpas de nuevo)

M. Keiser said...

Crazy- you're the inverse of me. i'd much rather listen to bach then to play him, and i'd rather play Debussy than anything else in the world.(i love me some debussy)Same goes with Liszt- he's fun to play after you get it down... and a Bach piece is harder for me to finish than a Liszt or Debussy, by far. I'd rather watch in awe as others play Bach.

I also wish i knew spanish. (i know french so i can get a general idea, but still)

Princess Alpenrose said...

For me it has to do much more with which instrument or if its for voice than any particular composer ... I played flute and am a singer, so naturally I identify more with flute pieces and opera stuff, putting myself into the performance in my mind.

Exactamente como emejota dice, "necesito materializarlo fisicamente."

Of course I wish could play some of those great romantic piano works ... you know, with the great flourish at the end that makes the performer literally pop up all the way off the piano bench!

The Well Tempered Blog said...

Emejota, Bien puedo imaginarte trazando en el aire -- de veras yo hago lo mismo. Un abrazo, Bart.

M.K., Wow! That is my mirror opposite. I love the Debussy preludes, but never get as much please playing as a I do listening to his music. Funny old world it is.

Andrea, I thing I know definitely what you mean.I mean I just can't imagine how it is to play some instruments as don't have any facility in them, especially strings and guitar. I think they're more beastly than piano in some respects.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I feel inclined to comment, as I have just this morning been thinking about relishing both listening to and playing Bach. I grasp more of his music by playing it, and I garner more appreciation by hearing it.

I much prefer listening to Liszt than playing it-- too frustrating! But Ravel is the inverse for me. I love the physicality of it-- therein lies the enjoyment.