Thursday, September 29, 2005

Carnival of Music #17

The Well-Tempered Blog Needs You!

The next "Carnival of Music" will be hosted here at "The Well-Tempered Blog". I didn't receive a email reply yet from TexasBestGrok, but the schedule has me booked for next Monday! That's coming up quick!!

What's it all about? " Anything having to do with music. The Carnival of Music is a celebration of all things musical - listening to or playing it, writing or recording it, analyzing or criticizing it. Music history, music theory, and composition are all welcome and encouraged in featured entries. I will not limit genres; classical, jazz, pop, rock, rap, country -- all are welcome here."

How you can help! Email favorite links to music items.

I'll also be happy to also include in the Carnival any audio files of your own playing or original compositions.

Where do I send a submission?

Send your submissions to TexasBestGrok at: music.carnival @!

What else can you do? Volunteer to host the carnival! The Carnival's reach is as far and as wide as the Web itself. So perhaps take the show overseas (Retroklang, Jessica Duchen,On an Overgrown Path, La Idea del Norte)!

Anyhow, I look forward to your contributions for Carnival no. 17.

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Ferre said...

Hi, Bart. Greetings from the "spanish section" (Emejota, from "La Idea del Norte", and myself).

We've seen your post a little late for sending you submissions to the Carnaval of Music Gmail e-mail. It was already friday night or saturday for us.

Today is sunday and you'll post your contribution tomorrow. Maybe we can send you some post references to that e-mail yet... or to your personal e-mail. If this is the case, you can send me your e-mail to mine (you can use the envelope icon in my blog: up and right).

Sorry about the delay!