Monday, September 19, 2005

3 Pianists and One Orchestra

"..the decision to open the season with three concert programs featuring rising stars of the piano world - Russian virtuoso Evgeny Kissin, China's Lang Lang, and American Jonathan Biss - was serendipitous. "It's just a matter of logistics," he told me. "These things depend on when the artists are available." Nevertheless, the coming weeks offer a fascinating opportunity to glimpse the direction of classical pianism today."

direction? surely they jest. Read it all right here.

Kissin? Been there, done that. Lang Lang? Forget about it. Biss? A very interesting pianist worth checking out, he seems to be one of those young pianists under 25, who by a combination of native talents and extraordinary breaks, enjoy an uber-career without the hassles of having had to win a major international piano competition or capitalizing on pathetic stage antics.

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Anonymous said...

In the case of Biss, don't forget powerful family connections. He's talented, for sure, but not that much more than others who toil in obscurity or waste their youth entering competition after competition.