Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Little Bit of a Freak

says Canadian pianist Louis Lorti:

"describing himself as "a little bit of a freak. I do so much travelling through dirty and unhealthy cities that I'm obsessed with pure air and food."

more interesting is this:

"One composer Lortie shies away from is Bach. "I love his music," he says, "but I have a problem with Bach at the piano. I learned the harpsichord as a teenager, and if you give me Bach and there is a piano and a harpsichord I will sit at the harpsichord."

and more still this notion:

"Mozart concertos," he continues in his lightly accented English, "were never written to be played with a conductor; it's almost an absurdity."

He has a new label and it look like he'll be doing the Beethoven sonata cycle (as live recordings).

Read the reset here.

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