Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More on the lost Beethoven

More on the lost Beethoven

Last night, "The Rotterdam Chamber Orchestra performed the 10-minute adagio, or slow movement, as the centerpiece of a night of classics, drawing respectful applause and some standing ovations from an audience of around 1,000. "

A few more details about the work:

"Ludwig van Beethoven wrote the main themes of the piece in 1789, when he was just 19-years-old. He titled the draft "Concerto in A for Piano" and gave instructions for other instruments, but left unfinished phrases, writing only "etc., etc."
Dutch musicologist Cees Nieuwenhuizen orchestrated the movement using Beethoven's notes and adhering to the master's early style, which was heavily influenced by Mozart
. "

and this:

"Beethoven is not believed to have written the opening or closing movements."

These reconstructed works are always interesting, but one always suspects if it isn't a bit of blasphemy. Perhaps somethings really are better left unsaid (unfinished).

yea..... I know...

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