Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jerry Lee Lews to Give Kid Rock Piano Lessons?

Oh please...

"rap-rocker has decided it's time he learned to tinkle the ivories and he's called in his rock 'n' roll pal to teach him the basics - and while they're having impromptu lessons, the pair plan to record an album together."


Somebody's PR wetdream? Next up: Kid-Rock plays duets with the single most over-rated mediocre pianist on the planet -Alicia Keys.

And, speaking of Keys, it is ever so amusing to find rock folks swooning because she can sit down and plunk her way thru "Fur Elise". Her penchant for name dropping classical composers (always in some clumsy and amusing way) and gross over-statement of having so-called "classical training" (i.e., she had piano lessons) is amusing. But aside from this obvious exaggeration (so overwhelmingly demonstrated by her remarkably mediocre piano play ability) is the curious way in which classical music is used to create an exotic patina, as if it bestows merely by being invoked a profundity and virtuosity that so plainly exeeds her grap. On the other hand, her target audience is wowed by anyone able to set down and pluck-out the Moonlight sonata or Mozart minuet, even if they wouldn't be caught dead listening to
classical music

Laugh or cry... ??

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