Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just the right room: Pianos and Living Spaces

A timely topic given my own musings of late on "where to put a new piano" and so on. The article strangely doesn't spill much ink on mention of upright pianos. This is strange as uprights (along with the other variety of familial piano hand-me-downs the spinet and console) is what's most likely to be found in a piano-owning home. But may it's just all about the demographics.

Still there food for thought and more on the feng-shui of piano owning. Here's a tasy tid-bit:

"A century ago, the piano room — or parlor — was the original home entertainment center. That's where guests were received and the family gathered to share what we now call "live" music. Then there was no other kind. Television and honking home stereos would render the parlor obsolete long before computer games and iPods.

Piano sales are a fraction of what they were when Teddy Roosevelt was president. In 1909, 364,500 were sold, but by 1999, fewer than 102,000 new pianos were brought home. Still, there are people for whom music is the defining characteristic of their house, and its rooms must serve their musical needs."

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