Sunday, August 23, 2009

 Richard Wagner’s Siegfried opera gets a jaw-dropping modern makeover with over 5 hours of video played through 14 simultaneous projectors; it debuted June 2008 in Valencia, Spain

forget counting sheep on Orchard Road.

SIEGFRIED from Martin Inda on Vimeo.


Ms Kayleigh Bognor-Smith said...

YOU ABSOLUTE PERV. you make me sick to the pit of my stomach talking about pianophilia and wagnering innocent children behind the safety of your computer. my little tyrone found this website whilst trying to download music off the net and if it wasnt for me catching him on this site quickly know you could have grumed him and wagnered him yourself. you appall me, if i had my way you'd get put castrated then shoved into a bit of cheetos, and id pull the leaver.

Bart Collins said...

Stay tuned-in. It gets even better!!