Friday, May 29, 2009

classical music going down the tubes

So they are piping more classical music on the tube in the UK. And how's that going? Apparently not to well. Still I give them kudos because I'd like it. On the other hand this really can't be about "soothing" stressed out commuters can it? I mean don't half or more them have an iPod or other mp3 player plugged into their ears?

Deets here

quote: "Camden Town is the first station on the Northern line to get a dose of Puccini, although there have been trials in Brixton, Vauxhall and Wood Green. The station has 40 hours of music to choose from. One staff member said it was “too early” to tell if the music was a help or a hindrance, but said anything was worth trying to encourage customers to behave more politely towards harassed staff."

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