Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Would Beethoven Do?

Words of inspiration for the "Wall Street" set.

Buck up! If you've got the power tie and a whole stack of "Power Classics", I can easily image that this article from Harvard Business could appeal to you. Why? Why not, the whole premise is self-interested enough.
it's article titled, "In a Crisis, What Would Beethoven Do?".

It offers up such gems as: "This explosion of innovation, executives today might note, followed from a risky decision to take drastic action after a long period of being stuck--including cutting loose from a controlling parent."

I imagine some folks at AIG would agree.

I do like this bit: "Beethoven's strategy seems relevant today. Fearing that his limitations would be exposed and destroy him, he revised his mission statement, in effect, and put rule-breaking at its core. "

T bottom line, if you didn't already see it coming, is this: "In the worst of times, whether you're a composer or a chief executive, iconoclastic invention can be your best strategy."

Then again maybe that's not the lesson here. Read the rest.

In the meantime somebody ought to start bustin' out those bracelets.

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