Friday, April 03, 2009

Somebody Needs a Chill Pill

Paging Henny Penny:
Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is freaking the eff out about the rise of illegal downloading on the internet, declaring that there will never be a Beatles again and moral relativism will conquer the Earth.


Karl Henning said...

Well, but there won't be a Beatles ever again. Other groups and pop artists, yes, and some of them very good. But (though I am not sure that Lloyd Webber meant it in this strict sense) there cannot be "another" Beatles any more than there can be "another" Beethoven. Every artist emerges from a specific environment.


The Well Tempered Blog said...

True enough. But I get the feeling there's more afoot than there....

And that's a fine blog you've got going!

keylin said...

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