Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out & Around Blogsville

Your Blogosphere report for April (yeah, I know I slacked and there wasn't one for March, Feb, or Jan).

So many good blogs, so little time. Here's the run down on some things that recently caught my eye. In no particular order.

I was fascinated by a post on Oscar's "Educacion Musical" blog about representations of music in time and space. Including very very tasty bit from YouTube. Nice stuff all around. Read more here

A recently discovered blog is "Mostly Opera". What you'll find here is an absolute gem of thoughtful and engaging of everything opera -from Ken Russell's "Faust" to the bugger Busoni. Give 'em some blog visit. Find it all here.

Exploring the world of pianos, musical theater, and performance is a splendid and unassuming blog titled "Matt's Little World of Pianos, Theatre, and Performance". A clever and sure footed guide to all things musical theatre for pianophiles and musicians of all stripes. Give 'em a visit. Link. Loads of good things abound here.

Interestingly, a pretty solid majority of visitors to the Well-Temepred Blog come from Spain . And that pleases me to no end. Espana is home to some of best blogs on the net. A recent gem is this fine post ("Antiquities") on the earliest known recordings over on RetroKlang. I would be distraught without "La Idea del Norte" -for it's convivial wit and perceptive writing are rare commodities. Take for example this post on the matter of rubato.

Close to home is "Music in a Suburban Scene" I was delighted to discover we share a passion for The Shaggs. Oh yea baby! Check it out here. As consolation to missing out on Radiohead, I recommend checking out the magnetic field tour. I caught up with it in Northhampton and I'm still raving.

Patti at "oboeinsight" points the way to a great read on the magic teleprompters. Hehe. (btw, the blog's new look is super!). You find it all here.

A note of thanks to Keith at "In Which Our Hero" for pointing the way to a new addition to my list of summer reads. You find it here. I can always count on a great recommendation!

Matt (of "Soho the Dog") perked my day up with this post on Bach and soy sauce. You read that right. Now click on over and read all about it. link

Surf's up! Happy reading.


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