Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ecce Blogger

A big round of kudos is due "Sounds and Fury" for its list of the top 50 classical music blogs.

I definitely recommend checking it out as you're more than likely to come across some real treasures. My own little spot on the information highway comes in about half ways on the list. That suits me fine.

Why do we blog? The answer is no doubt as varied as the number of blogs out there. I started blogging (with a different blog) in 2000. After my web host folded, I sort of forgot about blogging until 2005. My first blog, titled "The Digital Pianist", provided the foundation for "The Well Tempered Blog" - a blog mainly devoted to providing links to news stories and webpages of interest to pianists, students, and pianophiles. I never intended or thought of this blog having a wider readership. In fact, I was pretty surprised to find anyone was reading it, and more so by eventual links back from bloggers elsewhere about the globe. (To all I send huge note of thanks). I don't consider this a great blog by any means. I am continually amazed by the traffic and locations of visitors.

I don't consider myself a "blogger" per se as much as a reader. And two blogs that I never fail to read, two blogs that I would put at the very top of my list of great blogs are "On An Overgrown Path" and "La Idea del Norte".

Time and time again, I can count on turning to them for something original, fresh, and thought provoking. They really are examples of what good blogging really is.

Give them a visit. (and then you'll know how far short I fall).

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