Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Meme That Wouldn't Die

Just in case you hadn't heard: "The only dispute about classical recording is whether it is dying or dead. " (Link)

From the same piece there's this:

"Twenty years ago, the giant companies that dominated the classical recording industry were turning out about 700 releases a year. Today, just two are in the business. Production is down to about 100 new discs a year - many in the crossover repertoire that purists would not accept as "classical" at all - and falling."

Alex Ross delivers a badly corrective reality check. Take home point: "The major labels are much smaller than they used to be. But classical recording is bigger than ever." Link

and via the inimitable blog "On An Overgrown Path" comes news of a possible new label from Ireland. "The Contemporary Music Centre is commissioning a report on the feasibility of setting up an Irish recording label and/or download platform for specialist/non-commercial musics." Link

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