Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Denis Matsuev: The New Horowitz?

Maybe something along the lines of Cziffra, eh?

Anyhow, this seems to fit in with the previous posts on classical music in Venezuela.

"While he is confident that the Russian tradition of rigorous music training is alive and well, he is less sure that the world prizes classical musicians. Gifted with elastic hands and a great memory, and aware that "crossover" is among the hottest words in the music business, he embraces jazz. A good friend, he often invites less well-known talents to share his stage. It is a quest for relevance and recognition that idols like Vladimir Horowitz, Emil Gilels or Sviatoslav Richter did not face."

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Visit Matsuev's webpage here

There are mp3's of his playing here (check out the "Danse Russe" from Petrushka. Very nice).

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