Tuesday, August 22, 2006

worlds first self playing violin

The player piano has some new competition. Meet the world's first self-playing violin. Wah?

"Who says you have to practice for years to sound like a professional musician? The world’s first self-playing violin has been tracked down! It’s called the “Virtuoso” and it works with an electromagnetic system that does the same job as fingers on the strings."

check out the video demonstrating the violin playing with an orchestra.

Find it all here.


Anonymous said...

Astonishing! And the idea of having electromagnetics instead of fingers is really ingenious. And it has a phantasmagoric look (like pianolas), it's like a ghost playing the instrument, isn't it?

The Well Tempered Blog said...


It is pretty spooky looking contraption. More so I think than even a pianola.

I'm looking forward to your blog's return from vacation.

un abrazo,