Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ready. Set. Surf: Happy Blog Day 2006

To celebrate Blog Day 20006, I give you five blogs you'll want to bookmark and visit often !

Renewable Music : a lively blog of modern music and composers.

The Piano Podcast: Mario Ajero's blog/podcast that explores the intsections of piano pedagogy, technology, and loads of useful things for the web savvy pianist.

Eram: pianist David Martínez's serves up a splendid blogging of his daily adventures at the keyboard and away.

Night After Night: A convivial and eclectic blog charting both classical and pop music. Don't miss his "Saxophone Colossus" post.

Paterre box: Opera and camp. I'm already seeing Jessye Norman in a whole new light. It's a must click blog.

Chris Foley's excellent "Collaborative Piano Blog" is also celebrating Blog Day. So check it out! (CNN... Hmmmm.. I can dig that).

Surf's up !


Anonymous said...

It sounded better than "the Fox News of the piano world".

The Well Tempered Blog said...

absolutely !