Monday, May 15, 2006

Seeing the Harmonic Series

Today's web pick is a website that takes up Whitney's idea of animated graphic represetnations of musical materials, and gives it a "digital" twist. (Whitney is famous for his short films structured by harmonic relationships).

You may notice some interesting links between the visuals and the audio, especially if you are a musician. For example, when the pattern forms a 3-arm starfish, the chords you are hearing are diminished chords, which consist of minor thirds, an interval in which the notes are 3 chromatic steps apart. The chords you hear always bear this type of relationship to the pattern you are seeing, consisting of intervals which match the arrangement of arms.
more info here.

Visit the main experiment series here and play around with it.

It's all just a shade "Dr. Who".


Carme said...

Thank you, Bart Collins for your blog.
I'll recommend the "whitney music box" in Web de Música
See you later
Greetings from Barcelona

Bart Collins said...


Thanks for the kind word. I enjoy your your blog as well.

Wishing I was in Barcelona,