Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beethoven's Unknown Piano Concerto

And no we're not taking the piano version of the violin concerto, but rather Piano Concerto No. 0.

Pianist Kuerti has been busy working on a reconstruction of an early Beethoven piano concerto
he has been reconstructing a 6th piano concerto written by Beethoven at the age of 14, which only exists in a single-piano reduction.

If interested, you can find a midi file and some concise background on this work at one my favorite spots on the web for all things Beethoven: "The Unheard Beethoven Project" Link


M. Keiser said...

this is a bad idea. I repeat was pliable repeated "I repeat Paul Hindemith's words in his 1952 book A Composer's World:"You are not permitted to sell unsanitary macaroni or mustard, but nobody objects to your undermining the public's health by feeding it musical forgeries." (

its just unfortunate that there are people who are so mislead.

Daniel said...

A bit of culinary wisdom springs to mind here:

Do not Reheat Pork