Saturday, February 04, 2006

Schoolhouse Rock

NPR rockerati strike me as singularly clueless. Completely. Consistently.

But that's to be expected I suppose.

ON the topic of pop music, Alex Ross warns "pop and classical elitists alike should stay away" from an upcoming show with Doverman and Nico Muhly. Whaaaa !? Puhleeze, pop and classical elistists are likely to be the only ones attending.

Elsewhere in Rocklandia, Leif Garrett, former teen superstar turnedgrindy band musician, is in more trouble. According to news reports: " The '70s pinup was nabbed by police on Jan. 14 after he allegedly tried to ride a Los Angeles subway without purchasing a ticket. A subsequent search turned up heroin among his belongings."

Garrett fans can help out by downloading his song "Betty Ford for Xmas" via iTunes. Details on Garrett's website. Check out the site for some downloadable mp3's.

Snap, crackle, kranky. Go here, scroll to midpage, read and listen to the mp3. Poke around the website. It's good. And while you're out there, you might enjoy a listen to Godey and Creme singing "Sandwiches of You". Now that's tasty.

Be sure to have a go at Ghostbox. Check out the tasty treasures provided by The Focus Group. Like, this one *mp3.

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