Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Career Note: Good Grief

If you've been wondering what happened to the piano playing "Schroeder" of Peanuts fame, we've got some news. In the new theater play "Dog Sees God":

"Snoopy’s death has made CB (Charlie Brown) question everything in the world, and that spurs his wandering through Peanuts-ville – he wants to know what the others think of it, whether they believe in heaven for dogs and so on. The crazy twists and turns their lives have taken quickly overpower CB’s quest, though, and the plot soon switches to being more about discrimination against gays than about understanding death. This is because Beethoven (i.e., Schroeder) is, on just one tragic piece of evidence, presumed to be gay, and tortured by the others for it. Logan Marshall-Green is perfect in the part, from the moment he’s glimpsed on stage, hunched over the piano just like his cartoon counterpart."

Move over Peppermint Patti, indeed. Read the rest here.

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