Wednesday, December 03, 2008

out and around blogsville

More about that "mystery piano" found abandoned in the woods can be found here

And is Claudio Abbado the greatest living conductor? Not sure I'm buying that. Deets here.

History's most misunderstood novel? Answers can be found here. And I'm buying it.

A knuckle bustin' etude from the blogospher's own can be found here. (Nice stuff!)

Need to alienate your audience? Look (er, click) no further than here.

In the mood for Christmas? Put your peepers here.

And, yes, Virginia Camile Paglia really does suck. Deets

And a might mighty fine blog that I've added to the WTB "Blogs of Distinction" list
can be found here. (Cheeky Monkey!).

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