Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charles Rosen

Just how old is Charles Rosen.....?

"One of my vivid memories of recent years is seeing the pianist Charles Rosen play Beethoven sonatas at the Royal Festival Hall, at a time when he was almost 80. If ever a man had a claim to "seasoned wisdom", it's Rosen. He was a pupil of a pupil of the great Franz Liszt and has written two of the very few books on classical music that deserve to be called great."

Student of Liszt?



Daniel Wolf said...

Rosen (born 1927) studied with Moriz Rosenthal (1862-1946) who studied with Liszt, beginning in 1878. However, Rosen himself has cited Josef Hofmann, who he heard play with some frequency from childhood, as a greater influence.

Lindamaria said...

I met Rosen maybee five years ago when he had a master class at my work at Malmö Music Academy. I thought he was looking quite young to me, 65 or so.

Music makes you young?