Friday, October 10, 2008

Quality of Life Crime

Fresh from the day's crime blotter

"Andrew Vactor was arrested for playing rap music "too loudly" on his car stereo. Vactor faced a $150 fine, presumably for 'disrupting the peace', but a judge offered to reduce it to $35 if the defendant spent 20 hours listening to classical music by the likes of Beethoven, Bach and Chopin."

According to reports, Mr. Vactor could only handle 15 minutes of it.



TomF. said...

I'd read that he claimed he had a pressing appointment, but that was probably just so that he wouldn't have to admit that he couldn't stand the music. I suppose the effect would have been the same as feeding a young child something wholesome and nutritious, after they'd become accustomed to eating ice cream and candy for breakfast.

TomF. said...

PS - this is my first time reading this blog. Looks like a great classical-music forum...I plan to be checking it out a lot. (The name "well-tempered" grabbed me, being devoted as I am to Bach (but I love all classical...))

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Amanda said...

I find that kind of ridiculous - His crime was disturbing the peace and not the choice of his music