Wednesday, March 05, 2008

e-Piano Competition

One of the more interesting competition about is the internation e-piano competition.
During the Piano-e-Competition, participants will have the opportunity to perform on Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand pianos. What is unique about these instruments is that they are equipped with state-of-the-art Disklavier Pro recording technology. This system, which was pioneered by Yamaha, is the fusion of the acoustic piano and computer electronics and allows all solo rounds of the competition to be downloaded via MIDI to be enjoyed anywhere in the world.
The junior division of the competition is this year. The contestants selected are:
  • Anna Denisova, Russia
  • Frank Duepree, Germany
  • Nansong Huang, China
  • Arthur Khmara, Belarus
  • Noa Leigh Kleisen, Holland
  • David Yoshiaki Ko, Japan
  • Julia Kociuban, Poland
  • Vladimir Levitsky, Russia
  • Tami Lin, Canada
  • Jan Lisiecki, Canada
  • Yuqing Damon Meng, China
  • Osip Nikiforov, Russia
  • Song Yang, China
  • T. J. Keanu Tario, United States
  • Reed Tetzloff, United States
  • Andrew Wang, Canada
  • Benjamin Woo, Canada
  • Sijing Ye, China
  • Hao Tian Tim Zhang, Canada

Website and details here.

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