Friday, September 07, 2007

Une Femme Mariee: Glenn Gould's Secret

Not exactly what you'd call a "Henry Orient" story, but it is one that's most intriguing for fans of Glenn Gould.

Now, for the first time, we know that the intensely private Gould carried on an affair for five years, beginning in 1967, with a married German-American painter named Cornelia Foss. She left her husband Lukas, himself a prominent pianist and conductor, and moved her two children to Toronto at the height of the affair. A year before her move, Gould had asked her to marry him.



Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lukas the conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic at the time? I don't know if the years are right, but I seem to remember he was there for a while, and I remember him being described as "relentlessly modernistic". Imagine -- stuck in Buffalo listening to twelve-tone angst. have some sympathy for the poor woman.

Bart Collins said...

You're absolutely right about the BPO connection at the time.