Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Poor Billy Joel

The grand piano BILLY JOEL used on his early eighties Nylon Curtain tour has failed to fetch the $10,000 (GBP5,000) asking price on auction site eBay.


Perhaps things will go better for Fats Domino's piano auction. Details.


Hucbald said...

I've always thought the idea that someone famous having owned something would be a factor in its value to be a bit of a cultural fetish. I don't get it, anyway.

Bart Collins said...

that's 2 of us.

I would have thought it'd have found some takers.

Celebrity ain't what it used to be, eh?

bjpiano said...

As the current owner of the piano, I'll have to make some corrections to the info floating around.

The $10,000 price was the opening bid, not the asking price.

I got 2 bids, neither of which reached the reserve price.

It's still for sale at BillyJoelsPiano.com

Since I had no advertising money, I don't think the auction was an accurate assesment of the piano's worth. If not for the paragraph on Page Six of the NY Post, I don't think more than 100 people even knew about the auction. (and that appeared only hours before the end of the auction...)