Monday, March 26, 2007

The Digital Bosendorfer


"Austrian piano-maker Boesendorfer entered the compact digital keyboard market Monday, unveiling its first prototype model in an attempt to access new markets. The CEUSmaster sounds and plays like Boesendorfer's Imperial grand piano, company manager Alfred Zellinger said at the Vienna unveiling. It was a further development of Boesendorfer's CEUS computer piano launched in 2005. What made CEUSmaster so unique was that it used genuine grand piano action, Zellinger said - a major advantage that gave a true feeling of playing on a grand piano."

Details and photos from the Bosendorfer website are here


Anonymous said...

Where are the extra keys in the bass? It can't be a real Boesendorfer without those!


The Well Tempered Blog said...


And you only get 2 pedals :)