Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Name that Tune

A classical music search engine that's designed to identify a melody. Using an on-screen keyboard and your mouse, you input snip of melody, and then enter "search". Seems simple enough. Give it a go. Link


M. Keiser said...

when i played the notes of clair de lune (the exact notes) i got 95%. Where was the other 5%.

They didnt have wagner in there either. Interesting concept though.

M. C- said...

when i tried the opening theme of the rachmaninoff 3rd pno co the first time, it pulled up the brindisi from traviata. i had to replay it in the right key to get the correct match.

Bart Collins said...

A very cool idea, but definitely sketchy. I entered a bit of mozart and it and it came back with the Tchaikovsky piano concerto no1. Quirky.