Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rumor de Paramo and more

"Weblog de Musica" points the way to Manfred Waffender's music and film work. Links here and here. Also noteworthy Carme's post on Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, a post which has inspired me to re-read Rulfo's "El llano in llamas".

On the topic of Rulfo, here's a link to a very interesting project, spearheaded by pianist Ana Cervantes, that sets out to chart musical responses to Rulfo's literary achievement:

"Rumor de Páramo’s joining together of composers from the US, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Spain, to celebrate the creation of a seminal Latin-American writer, exemplifies continuing international exchange and cross-disciplinary sharing." A CD is in the works. This looks like a very exciting project. Check it out.!

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