Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jean-Philippe Collard

One of my favorite pianists. His recording of Ravel's piano music is a must-have for any piano lover.

I came across an interesting interview with him. What I found most interesting was his account of meeting the great Robert Casadesus:

"My parents knew Mr. Casadesus, and one day my mother took me to his Paris apartment to play for him. Perhaps he could give some good direction."He was disappointed to find a very cold and severe man. Still, for half an hour, he poured his best into Casadesus's piano. When he stopped, the older man was silent for a moment. Then he asked Madame Collard how old her son was. When she told him, his response was devastating: "Good, you are still young enough to change your life and take up something other than music."

Below. The. Belt.

Read the rest here.

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