Monday, March 07, 2005

Listen Up Alkan Fans! Free Internet Music

Free Archive of First Recordings of Unknown Nineteenth-Century Music on the Internet

"The first thirty-five world première recordings in John Kersey’s “Romantic Discoveries” project are now available in Mp3 format. They feature composers including the reclusive genius Charles-Valentin Alkan, now attracting wide attention from the musical community, as well as Samuel Sebastian Wesley, best known for his sacred music, Chopin pupil Ignace Xavier Joseph Leÿbach, and noted pianist-composers Brinley Richards, Sydney Smith, Wilhelm Kuhe, Stephen Heller and Edward Rimbault, to name but a few.

Kersey has decided to issue these recordings as part of his mission to make this music better-known, and as the outcome of his long-standing research into this area. “These pieces are superbly melodic, entertaining and wonderfully-written for the instrument,” he says. “Their composers wrote to provide accessible, enjoyable music for a wide audience, which fulfils its purpose as well today as when it was first performed.”


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